Q: Who is at risk from
  an insider attack?
A: You.

It's no secret that cybercrime is a major problem
for all types of organizations.


It's no secret that cybercrime is a major problem for all types of organizations.
Bad actors are relentless in their attempts to steal and abuse trade secrets, business development plans, marketing strategies, client and employee data, and other sensitive information.
The result: firms are hurt and can even be destroyed by huge financial losses, damaged reputations, legal issues, even governmental penalties.


60% of individuals leaving to work
for a competitor offered to share confidential
information from their prior job

You may be typical in devoting major resources to protecting your systems from such outside attacks. But now organizations are waking up to the rise of a different threat, one that can be even harder to deal with: attacks by individuals within the organization.

In a recent Vormetric Insider Threat Report, a Harris Poll survey found that 89% of global senior business managers and IT professionals polled now consider their companies to be more at risk from an insider attack, with 34% believing they are “very” or “extremely” vulnerable. Why?

Security experts Symantec discovered that 50% of employees who left or lost their jobs kept confidential information, and 40% planned to use it in their new jobs. In fact, 60% of individuals leaving to work for a competitor offered to share confidential information from their prior job. Furthermore, the 2014 US State of Cybercrime Survey showed that almost one third of respondents said insider crimes are more costly or damaging than incidents perpetrated by outsiders.

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Common Approaches

Businesses have availed themselves of an increasing number of options to detect and prevent inside threats from intentional attacks as well as mistakes by careless workers.
These measures range from basic practices such as data security audits, educating employees about security policies, and clarifying penalties for violations to restricting access, prohibiting portable media and Wi-Fi data transfers—and monitoring employees.
Many of these steps tend to be expensive and time-consuming to implement and manage, draining precious resources from other important needs. Additionally, while malicious insiders are a very real threat, monitoring every individual can backfire. After all, loyal team members do not appreciate being treated as suspects.

Another Way to Guard
Against Internal Threats

Fortunately, there’s a simpler, smarter answer—rather than monitoring individual employees and contractors, use Amiya’s ALog SMASH to monitor the files on your servers.
Servers operating systems create log files with information about files and actions. ALog SMASH uses this information to identify who accessed the servers, which files they opened, what they did to the files, and when. Server access log analysis is an efficient way to protect critical data without the problems of endpoint security.

Watch your data, not your employees.

Amiya’s ALog SMASH is the No. 1 product in Japan’s server access log market, used by major firms in manufacturing, insurance and finance, media, IT and communications, construction, and many other sectors. The powerful software collects log data used to monitor access to servers storing important information accessible through endpoints. Because it works at the server level, ALog SMASH costs less to run than client PC log monitoring tools. It can also monitor the status of all access to your crucial data.

01 Log files are collected and converted to useable, actionable information

Converts log files to
actionable information

The raw log data is converted into a simple, clear format that provides an immediate grasp of each file’s access status.

02 Ultra-compression reduces converted files to less than 1/40,000
their original size

Ultra-compression: less
than 1/40,000 original size

The conversion process also compresses the log files to the absolute minimum size, enabling long-term storage of the files.

03 Files are indexed for easy search

Indexes files for easy search

Files can be searched and examined directly in conventional web browsers for simple, intuitive operations. This allows even non-technical personnel to examine and analyze the files.

04 Customizable settings make detection easier and more efficient

Set conditions to receive an alert when certain actions are detected.
Improved security detects unauthorized user access or suspicious activity.

It’s the right choice.

  • Agentless: places zero impact on your current system's performance
  • Simple: extremely easy to install, learn, manage, and maintain
  • Fully scalable: grows right along with you, but without the hassles of reconfiguration
  • Flexible: adaptable to a wide range of systems and applications
  • Intuitive: self-assessing intelligent software works automatically, freeing up valuable time and labor
  • Invisible: works in the background at the server level, so your employees can focus on their tasks without distractions
  • Inexpensive: contact us to see how much powerful security you can get for your money!

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Install ALog SMASH on the servers
where the data to be protected is stored

ALog SMASH is agentless—it installs directly on your existing file server. This saves tremendous effort and expense, since there's no need to buy any new, additional server or set up a new database.

Furthermore, ALog SMASH utilizes the OS event log for the access log containing the records of operations performed via the server. There is no agent (resident program) used to record these logs, making ALog SMASH light and lean, low-trouble, low-maintenance solution.

Easy to Install

Installation takes only about a minute to complete, and there's absolutely nothing difficult or complicated involved. The settings wizard makes the initial setup a snap—even individuals unfamiliar with the system will find the settings simple and easy, allowing them to get an immediate start on managing their log files.

  • 1. Select log file to be saved…

  • 2. Determine the duration…

  • 3. Set the folder to be monitored!

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Major Customers

For the past eight years, ALog SMASH has been the number one choice among Japanese companies looking for a no-hassle on-server data security product. Companies like:

  • Yahoo Japan Corporation
  • The Panasonic Group companies
  • Nisshinbo Holdings Inc
  • NTT Communications

…and thousands more.

Hardware Requirement

  • CPU

    Intel Core 2 Duo or above (Recommended: Quad Core or above)

  • Memory

    2 GB or greater (Recommended: greater than 4 GB)

  • HDD

    30 GB or greater required for installation * Additional memory may be needed for log storage.
    See “Example of Log Output Volume Calculation” below.

  • Operating

    Windows Server 2008/2008 R2
    Windows Server 2012/2012 R2
    Windows Server 2016
    Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 *1
    Windows Storage Server 2012/2012 R2 *1
    Windows Storage Server 2016 *1
    *Each OS Service Pack (SP)supported
    *Each edition(Standard / Enterprise / Datacenter)supported
    *Virtualized environment (VMWare / Hyper-V / Citrix XenServer)supported
    *1 NEC, I/O Data, and Buffalo servers supported

  • Software

    .NET Framework 4.5

  • For other servers, contact Amiya

Example of Log Output Volume Calculation

Note: The following describes an example environment with 100 individuals using ALog SMASH to store CSV files(ZIP compressed)and database files searchable for up to one year.

* Data volume per person per day per person is specified as 20 MB.
  • CSV files 1 KB × 100 × 365 days = 36 MB/year
  • Database files for searching 15 KB × 100 users × 365 days = 547 MB/year
  • Total 583 MB/ year

Price List

Product License fee
ALog SMASH 1 server license *First year maintenance fee is included $1,740(USD)

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